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Sauk Trail Park,Oct'16 woody vintage two rooms
Lowden State Park,Sept'17 warm fire with friends camp fire deluxe!
Castle Rock Park,Sept'17 Baked potato Deluxe!!! Baked potato Deluxe!!! Camp Inn production
Prophetstown, Oct '17 After a nail biting finish, Theresa!. Robust conversation 1 Robust conversation 2
Good campfire Charm of Rock Painting Marley the wonder dog   Warming up next morning
Potato Creek Park t-shirt Saturday feast with friends Saturday feast Saturday feast
Cliffside Park, August'18 Saturday breakfast Saturday breakfast Saturday breakfast
fast Saturday breakfast robust conversation Good campfire Sunday morning :-)
Lowden State Park, Sept'18 Going out for ice cream Making fancy cards Colorful campfire
Castle Rock Park, Sept'18 Craig and Cary's buffet Camp Inn dining Deluxe Colorful blue campfire
Livingston 4H Park, Oct'18 Friday morning chat Intense "SPAM" competition Winners: Steve, Kerry, Chris
Lake Le Aqua Na, May'19 Ratskeller then brewery Where friends become family HAZZAH
Fisherman's Corner, Aug'19 First we must eat:-) Should we eat again, oh yea United States of Tiny Trailers
Lowden State Park, Sept'19 Morning camp fire :-) Saturday afternoon chat Evening camp fire
Castle Rock Park, Sept'19 Morning camp fire :-) Afternoon camp fire :-) Evening camp fire :-)
Geneseo Campground, Oct'19 Are we on the level? Try not to sing out of key We eat well...
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